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Valve Bag Benefits

  • Three styles of bags available: R-valve, Open Top and CleanFill™
  • Utilize a two-ply and co-extruded film for premium strength and performance
  • Side gusseted for easy stacking and palletizing
  • Offset perforations to allow for proper venting
  • Stringent drop test performance
  • Up to 8-color print
  • UN Certification available
  • Graphic design available
  • We specify equipment and bag configuration
  • Over 40 years experience in the valve bag market
  • Technical experts
  • High quality graphics and water resistance versus paper valve bags
  • Low melt resins, 100 and 108°C, available for batch inclusion applications

Bag Styles Offered


Valve filling patented system designed to eliminate leakage. No need for sewing or sealing. Fast gravity filling or with specialized machinery.

Common Uses
Ideal for powders, grains, pellets, food, chemical products and construction materials.


Valve packaging designed for superior durability and performance. Offers exceptional resistance to rough handling and has been approved for UN Transportation Certification for hazardous goods.

Common Uses
Ideal for granular products or pellets, fertilizers, food, construction industry aggregates, plastic resins, and powder paints.

Open Top Bags (OTB)

Open Top Bag that can be sewn or heat sealed. Available in side gusset or bottom gusset styles.

Common Uses
Ideal for fine powders, pellets, grains, food blends and specialized chemical products.